International students

Study in your home country, on your own terms.

Australian tertiary degrees: an international reputation

Australian universities are some of the highest-ranked in the world, and when you study an Australian degree you can be assured of its quality.

With online study, acquiring an Australian postgraduate degree becomes not only possible but convenient, allowing you to study without leaving behind family and friends, and uprooting your life.

A world-class online education model

The degree you gain studying online as an international student is the same as you would gain on-campus, and you can expect the same high quality of teaching, supervised by your Online Learning Advisors (OLAs), who take the place of an on-campus tutor.

The online education format is designed to encourage an independent, interactive and well-supported learning experience – wherever you’re studying from. You will make valuable connections in your course with peers and OLAs, and benefit from direct access to QUT Online’s comprehensive support services.

Future-focused degrees

The world is changing and whole industries along with it. When we say our degrees are future-focused, we mean that they won’t just be relevant in the next five years or even ten years, but for the full length of your career.

When you study through QUT Online, you are taking part in a shared endeavour. You will develop the ability to better understand our interconnected working world, and build the practical skills you need to make a difference. The future affects all of us, which is why QUT prides itself as a future-focused institution with a global academic outlook.



Available courses

Applications for both the Graduate Certificate in Project Management and Master of Project Management are open to international students who fulfil the English language requirements. Apply to study an Australian degree today.

If you have any questions about online study, contact one of our course consultants on +61 3 9956 0727.

Online classroom

Our world-class online classroom is built specifically for online students. In-built discussion boards are always buzzing with conversations between students and coaches, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into your studies and make great connections that will last well beyond graduation. And many of your weekly assessments are tailored for the online space too, such as interactive quizzes and videos.

Flexible study

We understand many postgraduate students have busy lives and need flexible study options. That’s why we offer a tailored online classroom – so you can fit study into your life, when it suits you. Whether you need to study on your lunchbreak, or after your kids are in bed, you can log on and access everything you need, wherever you are.

Supportive environment

You will study each unit in small online groups, led by one of our expert Online Learning Advisors. Each Learning Advisor is a subject matter expert in your coursework. Your Advisor will bring a wealth of industry experience that not only enhances your learning but can open your professional network, expanding your career opportunities. You will learn practical tools for your career now and in the future.

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