Why postgraduate students are choosing online study

There is no doubt that a postgraduate degree has wide-ranging benefits – both professionally and personally. Your depth of knowledge will increase, career opportunities will expand and you will likely end up earning more.

Study as you work with online postgraduate study

The availability of online courses has completely changed our study habits and ability to pursue further education. Not so long ago, the only way to study a postgraduate qualification was to take time off work and to study on-campus. Now anyone, wherever they are, can undertake postgraduate level qualifications and advance their careers, without taking time off work.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why online study is gaining popularity around the world, particularly for busy postgraduate students. So, if you’ve been considering studying online, here are a some compelling reasons why you should get started.

It gives you flexibility

Many postgraduate students are working full-time and have family commitments, which means commuting to and from a university campus isn’t viable. An online mode of study is a convenient and flexible way to study, and it opens the door to further education for people who don’t have the time for traditional university education.

When you study online you can achieve your academic goals, without taking time off work. And the flexibility of your online classroom means you can log in and learn when it suits you, your work and your family.

Government loans reduce your upfront costs

Many postgraduate students qualify for Commonwealth provided fee loans. Known as FEE-HELP, these loans are available to assist eligible students to pay their tuition fees.

If you are eligible, the Australian Government pays your unit fees directly to your university, on your behalf, and the loan amount is recorded with the Australian Tax Office against your tax file number. This means you can study now and pay later – through the taxation system – once your income reaches a certain threshold.

If you are studying a degree that is linked to your current career, you may also be eligible for some tax benefits. If you think this is you, you should speak to an accountant about your options.

You open unique networking opportunities

Many postgraduate students are looking to improve their career opportunities. And whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or change careers entirely, networking is a key way to achieve your goals.

Online study provides unparalleled opportunities to expand your network with a diverse group of people. Because online education allows you study from anywhere in the world, you will form connections with people you may have never met if you were studying on-campus.

You will graduate with a global network of fellow students, coaches and mentors who can provide support, industry insights and career opportunities that you had never dreamed of.

You gain skills important in the workplace of today, and tomorrow

In the fast-paced digital world, the benefits of studying online speak for themselves and can pave the way for a successful future.

When you study online you develop many transferrable skills that are attractive to potential employers. In addition to the core skills in your degree, you graduate with strong collaboration and online communication skills. Plus, studying in a digital environment shows that you are a curious, agile and resilient learner – highly relevant and desirable in current and future workplaces!

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