Reach the heights of your profession with a masters degree

You know you want to attain a postgraduate qualification online. Is a masters degree the right level of qualification for you?

Why study a masters degree with QUT Online?

In a previous blog we discussed the value of a graduate certificate and a graduate diploma. As we said in that blog, when most people consider postgraduate study, they do so without knowing exactly what level of qualification they need to reach their destination.

It’s important to begin by asking a simple question: ‘where do I want postgraduate study to take me?’

If your answer is ‘as far as possible’, a masters degree may be the level of qualification you’re looking for to reach the heights of your profession.

A masters degree will take you wherever you need to go

A masters degree takes the foundation of what you would learn in a graduate certificate or graduate diploma and builds upon it. Your knowledge base will broaden while your practical skills repertoire continues to expand.

You will gain the confidence you need to progress your career, to take on a new role, or change career paths altogether.

Commit to what drives you professionally

When you are committed to your career, your professional interests and abilities won’t plateau, and will continue to develop as your career progresses.

A masters degree is a way to fully engage with a professional body of knowledge, and set yourself up for a productive and fulfilling career in your field.

With a masters degree from QUT Online, you will be well-positioned to move forward with your professional learning independently. Education, after all, is a lifelong process.

Future-focused skills and knowledge

The skills and knowledge you gain studying a masters degree are contemporary and future-focused, meaning that your education doesn’t end when your degree does.

Whether you’re studying concurrently with full-time work – or planning to work upon completion of your degree – you will find the knowledge and skills you acquire will prove to be an enduring and intrinsic part of your professional practice.

Everything you learn is geared towards retaining its relevance and practical application well into the future.

Open the doorway to numerous job opportunities and higher salaries

Completing a postgraduate qualification – a masters-level qualification in particular – paves the way for more job opportunities and higher salaries, particularly over time.

The 2018 Graduate Outcome Survey found that four months following graduation, those with postgraduate qualifications were more likely to be employed full-time – 86.9% compared to 72.9% with an undergraduate qualification.

There is a similar disparity four months follow graduation between undergraduate and postgraduate median salaries. Undergraduates employed full-time had a median salary of $61,000 in 2018 compared to postgraduates with a median salary of $83,300.


The reasons to extend your education with postgraduate study are unique to each individual, and at QUT Online we want to help you get to exactly where you want to be, making further study possible.

At QUT Online we currently offer three masters-level qualifications: our Master of Health Management, Master of Project Management and Master of Digital Communication.

If you are interested in any of these courses, talk to a course consultant today.

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