Make your vision reality: opening pathways to entrepreneurship with QUT Online

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with creativity, innovation and adaptability, while also helping drive positive social change. This is why QUT Online is proud to offer a variety of courses geared towards equipping students with a dynamic and future-focused entrepreneurial mindset.

Making the jump: bring your vision to life in the real world

All businesses – no matter how small they are at the beginning, or how big they eventually become – begin with an idea. An idea that blossoms into a vision which, if cultivated, springs to life in the real world. This is what entrepreneurship is all about.

An inspired idea is crucial, but to truly get your vision off the ground, you will need the real-world skills to make your vision reality. This is where online postgraduate education enters the picture, opening up the possibility of further education in a specific field relevant to your needs.

Studying a postgraduate course with QUT Online opens up the possibility for you to acquire vital new skills while you continue to work. You may even be taking the first tentative steps towards establishing your own start-up business, in which case online study is an ideal way to upskill as you work towards attaining that goal.

Postgraduate-level qualifications and short courses are offered in a range of disciplines that teach essential entrepreneurial skills, particularly in the Communication and Design, and IT, Planning and Engineering disciplines.

Supporting entrepreneurial innovation

QUT is committed to supporting entrepreneurs – in fact, it’s one of the guiding commitments of the university. We have seen first-hand how many of our alumni have taken the skills they’ve learnt at university, and gone on to create positive change out in communities, both within Australia and abroad.

It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are often situated at the cutting edge of innovation. After all, having seen a gap in the market, it takes a level of vision and creative problem-solving to develop a workable and efficient solution.

It is the practical skills that help translate an inspired vision into reality, and entrepreneurial skills form a fundamental focus for many QUT Online units.

The Digital communication course suite – which includes a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters level course – emphasises the importance of building real world skills in data and social media analytics, with units including Visualising Data and Introduction to Social Media Analytics. These are vital skills for any entrepreneurial venture in 2020, as data and automation play an increasingly vital role in running a business.

Similarly, the Master of Project Management will allow you to build people leadership skills with units such as People and Projects, while also learning the practical skills you need to manage complex projects as they develop in dynamic environments.

Entrepreneurship as social enterprise

Entrepreneurship isn’t solely about making a profit. In fact, entrepreneurship is often just as much about fulfilling a genuine need in our communities, and to effect social change.

In many cases market-driven solutions are an expedient way to enact lasting social transformation. Entrepreneurial businesses have an important social role to play, filling gaps that public services aren’t able to handle in isolation.

This is what QUT Online student Aroha is doing. Currently working as a Social Media Officer, her ultimate goal is to establish her own communications agency specialising in domestic violence advocacy.

The decision to study a Graduate Certificate in Digital Communication with QUT Online was an easy one, opening a pathway to acquire the skills she needs to attain her goal of creating positive social change through entrepreneurship.

The skills you need to take the next step

QUT is committed to supporting entrepreneurship, for the social good it can bring to communities, and the innovation that so often accompanies entrepreneurial endeavours.

By offering a wide range of specialised postgraduate courses delivered online, you will be able to acquire the precise entrepreneurial skills you need to ensure your business excels.

QUT Online offers a range of online postgraduate courses that help you build an entrepreneurial mindset, along with the skills you need to challenge the status quo in pursuit of innovation. You may also wish to tailor your education by choosing to study individual single or micro units instead, for a more focused learning experience.

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