Make a positive change with postgraduate study

New Year, new direction: whether or not you have already set resolutions for 2019, now is a great time to re-evaluate your career direction and plan exactly where you want to go this year.

Postgraduate study: an investment in your future

The beginning of a new year is a time when it’s natural to reflect on your life, which for many of us means thinking about our career. After all, we spend so much of our time at work, so finding fulfilling work that we enjoy is essential.

Maybe you’re in a rut at work because your role is no longer fulfilling. You may feel stuck and underappreciated. You’re looking for opportunities within your organisation or beyond it, but there doesn’t appear to be anything on offer. 

A postgraduate qualification can be a way to break free of this rut as well as an opportunity to develop professionally. 

Seek new horizons

Imagine this. You’ve been working in the health industry for a decade. You’re as passionate as you were when you first began, but you want to challenge yourself and make more of a difference within your organisation. A Graduate Diploma of Health Management can put you on track to move into a management position, which you can take even further with a Master of Health Management. 

Postgraduate study also enables you to upskill in key areas. It can take years of working in an industry before you realise where exactly you wish to focus your practice.  

You may be a social worker who discovers your true passion is helping victims and families affected by domestic violence, but you feel out of your depth and not ready to make that career move. In this instance studying the Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence may be just what you need to build confidence and specialist knowledge in the area before moving into a more demanding specialist role. 

Setting out on the journey

No matter how difficult, every journey begins with a single step. Once you’ve taken this first step it does get easier, and at QUT Online we’re here to show you the way. With the flexibility of four teaching periods each year – in February, April, July and October – it’s never too late to take that crucial first step and forge a new path. 

You can dive in and explore the range of available courses on our course page.

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