How to tell if you’re ready for a career change

Feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated or uninspired when you head into work each day? While it’s completely normal to have a bad work day (or week) from time-to-time, sometimes the work blues stick around longer than they should, and you may start to consider a new career entirely.

Three signs the time has come to make a career change

But a new career is a big change. So how do you know if that’s what you need? We’ve put together three signs that you should look out for.

You’re bored … most of time

Everyone has aspects of their job they’d prefer not to do – some people find administrative tasks boring, while other find meetings tiresome. And while having to do these tasks is expected occasionally, you want your core role to align with your strengths and interests. In a nutshell, you want to feel engaged in your work.

If you find that majority of your day is spent completing work that you find tedious, it could be time to think about change. Make way for someone that would thrive in your role and find the courage to try something new.

You have the Sunday Blues, all weekend

OK, let’s face it, no one loves Monday. After all, it’s a certain reminder your glorious weekend filled with friends and family is officially over. However, there’s a difference between the ‘Sunday Blues’ we all experience and debilitating stress or anxiety – that stops you from enjoying your weekend.

If you’re finding it hard to enjoy the weekend at all due to the thought of work on Monday, look a little deeper. What is causing your stress? Could it be that deep down you’re not happy in your current career?

Spend some of your weekend thinking about whether a new career could help you feel more optimistic. Think about what gets you out of bed in the morning, inspires and motivates you in the workplace and start planning out steps that could help you get there.

You’re jealous of others

While we often think of jealousy as negative, it can actually be an incredibly revealing and helpful emotion. If you find yourself jealous of a friend’s work situation, it could mean that you secretly desire their career – or elements of it – instead of the one you have.

Career website The Muse says: “Not every slow day or jealous twinge should be taken as an imperative to overhaul your career. It’s only when you notice a chronic case of … feeling bitter about someone else’s career accomplishments that you might want to think about making a change.”

Does this relate to you? If it does, don’t get down on yourself. Instead channel your green-eyed monster in a productive way. Work out what is missing in your current career – and devise a plan to get the role that is perfect for you.


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